Vision Statement
Our service to customers and our community will result in our team being the standard by which our peers measure their performance.

  Mission Statement

  At its core, buying or selling a home represents a life transition.

Des Moines Real Estate Partners exists to simplify this transition.  We do this by offering accommodative, courteous, professional service to our customers.  This service is offered by professionals who understand they are the impression that our customers have of our company and that our future growth and prosperity depends on that impression being favorable.

Core Values

The decisions made in the day-to-day operation of the business are consistent with the company’s vision and mission.

 Ethics govern the interaction between every customer and team member.

 A workplace culture where respect, creativity, cooperation and partnership is fostered and team members are recognized for growth and achievement.

Open, honest communication.

Team members take ownership of their performance and are held accountable for their decisions and actions.